Failure to launch

I had so many plans for this site but it seems that life continuously happens in such a way that my creative endeavors often take a back seat to other priorities such as work/uni.

I participated in Inktober last year as a way to get back into drawing after a long absence and it lit a spark; I’ve been drawing consistently since then however I’ve not been drawing anything related to the stories I have in my head, this is not to say that I haven’t been working on those projects because I have been its just been on refining and hammering out the story, dialogue and making it something that makes sense and doesn’t read like some poorly written fan fiction.

This semester I’ve decided to take it easy; especially due to mental health things, so hopefully I’ll be able to do more work on my projects and have something that makes me a little happier in the heart.

I’m not going to give myself any deadlines and just go at my own pace. I’m not sure what this blog site will be… for now it’s just for me and my thoughts about my projects etc.


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New beginnings…

So I’ve spent a bit of time cleaning up and sorting out this blog/site this evening so that I may finally embark on a bit of project I’ve been working on for ages… short visual stories.

At this point I’m hoping to publish something at least once a month to start with as uni/work stuff is a priority. 

My academic essays are still there for people to read and what not however I’m not sure if I’ll be adding more anytime soon. 

I’m still learning how to use this blog/site/page thing too; it’s a long way away from what I used to do back in ’99-’02 (god I feel old), but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it soon. 

Can’t wait to spew some creativity forth soon! 

– L

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